A downloadable well-cooked game for Windows

A game of reflexes, memory, and quick thinking, can you become the best chef?

As the only cook in a tribe full of picky goblins, it is your job to satiate their needs quickly and safely. Platform through a dangerous environment in this arcade-style game, where the finish is as high as your score. With each dish you make, the game becomes faster, and the clock become tighter.

In times of need and frustration, turn to your trusty cookbook, where you can read up on unique ingredients, each with their own special properties.

Decipher the requests of the tribesmen. Their needs could be as blunt as asking for fish, or as vague as wanting something yellow.

Expect updates, which could include:

  • New levels
  • Better tutorial/user experience
  • New ingredients
  • New music (The current music is awful, please listen with caution)
  • New characters
  • Improving graphics


Testers: Johny "Banana Seed," Pistoltage, Cepolla.

Everything else: William "Wobble" Waffle


Gourmet Goblin1.1.exe 10 MB

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